Business Strategy

  • We offer a wide spectrum of possible courses, including: - Design Thinking (Stanford / IDEO) - Value Proposition (Canva), value creation - Business Models (Canva, Design, Patterns) - Sales Performance - Sales Effectiveness - Sales Efficiency - Advanced Negotiation Skills - Agile Project Management - Managing Agile contracts - High Impact Vision Communication - Establishing a Business Mindset - Communication skills - Program Management - Program Risk Management - Documenting user requirements using user stories. - Writing User Persona - Effectuation We also offer Mentoring for Improved Performance for corporates and organisations.
  • Syntezia is a brand with strong values (respect, openness, transparency, trust, responsivess, accuracy).

    We provide independent strategy consulting services and we are based in Geneva, Switzerland.

    Our clients typically face unexpected situations and need to find quick ways to adapt to a new situation, a rapidly changing context. They either want to avoid a new type of risk or seize new kinds of opportunities. Our advisors are experts in their fields. We have specialised in strategic agility, open innovation, agile coaching, management consulting, business coaching, collective intelligence.

    To help them, we have developed a wide range of tools and technics in corporate strategy, business strategy, design thinking, M&A, Acquisition Integration, in functional strategy and in operational strategy. We advise our clients on focusing on their most important customers. We support them in their business development challenges, especially when faced with turbulences and uncertainty.

    Once we have understood your context and your priorities, we suggest a set of recommendations and an action plan.

    Once they have applied our recommendations and implemented our suggested action plan, our clients realise the richness of their collective intelligence, they are able to seize new opportunities.

    To find out more about what we can do for you, please call Yves Zieba on 0041795611054 or on Skype: yveszieba.


  • We have unique cross functional and specialised industry expertise, with a focus on business strategy, sales and marketing, business creation, business expansion, business development and business operations.

    We know how to manage complexity. We also know how to combine personal technology with emerging of disruptive technology trends (mobile, digital, cloud, DIY, consumerisation).

    We monitor innovation and work with the best local partners for the benefits of our clients.

    We work with our clients exactly as we do with our colleagues and providers, i.e. with the highest ethical standards, i.e. respect, transparence, fairness and dedication.

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